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Commit to Developing a Strong, Healthy Relationship 24/7

Every couple deals with struggles. You are not alone. Find help and support for your most important relationship - your time, your place, 24/7.

Have you and your partner grown distant from each other? Is your relationship doing "okay" but could be better? Are you and your partner like ships passing in the night emotionally - somehow you just can't get on the same page?

You make time regularly to go to the doctor, to start a new hobby, to review and improve your financial health - but when was the last time you dedicated time and focus to one of the most important parts of your life: your relationship?

We have developed a series of self-paced online courses proven to help you and your partner build the skills you need to navigate the challenges life brings - so that you grow stronger together, rather than further apart. Anytime, anywhere: our online courses are here for you to start making your good relationship great!

Who Are We?

Close Companions is a collective of experienced instructors and advisors - all couples – who, for more than 50 years, have helped thousands of couples deepen their emotional intimacy and build the skills necessary to increase their satisfaction in and closeness of their relationship.

Our approach is different from traditional couples counseling. Counseling is often problem-focused, to help couples work through immediate, major challenges. Our approach is growth- focused, to help couples build on their current strengths and add new strengths. Those who effectively engage our programs will gain greater insight into their relationship and develop a stronger, deeper connection with their partner. They will come away equipped, empowered, and educated for the joys and challenges of life and relationship.

At the core of our method is our Companionship Model: the idea that you and your partner are equals. You are a team and you both carry equal weight in your relationship. You also have equal responsibility for continuing to maintain and grow it.

Our instructors and advisors have gone through extensive training in leadership, psychology of interpersonal relationships, group process, and communication. They hold various certifications from widely known and respected organizations such as: Better Marriages, Prepare-Enrich, and Couple Communication.


  • “What we’ve learned ranges from simple reminders to profound insights that we could explore together and benefit from for the long haul.” - J&H
  • “We would absolutely not be together today had we not participated in programs and followed the principles of Close Companions. They have encouraged us, inspired us, and educated us about what a relationship could be. We give them credit for helping us figure out how to not just stay together but to thrive as a couple. And now, thanks to the Online Relationship Academy, we can do it 24/7!” - M&M
  • “Better Marriages has fed the soul of our marriage! The Close Companions Online Relationship Academy has several courses that go right to the heart of our relationship and help us communicate in positive, constructive ways. We will be sharing this resource with all of our friends!” K&N

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