For Religious Leaders

Close Companions is a non-profit, non-political, non-religiously affiliated organization founded in 1973 to help couples build strong, healthy, mutually satisfying relationships.

Though we are not an explicitly religious organization, many couples find that our principles work in tandem with their own personal faith and spiritual journeys.

We believe that all couples face similar challenges; we are committed to providing helpful and relevant relationship programs and resources for all couples.

Our methodology is crafted to enhance, not replace, traditional marriage and faith-based counseling. We do this by focusing on helping couples identify and build on their existing strengths, while giving them the tools to add new strengths to their repertoire. This enables participants of our programs to develop deeper insight and connection within their relationships, as well as walk away empowered with the knowledge and skills to walk their paths with increased intimacy and trust.

Reach out today to discuss how our programs can be an asset to your organization.