Meet Your Instructors

Greg and Priscilla Hunt have a shared passion for championing and helping couples develop strong, healthy, vital relationships. Certified Relationship Experts, they have written extensively about relationships and are sought-after speakers and presenters.

Priscilla is the Executive Director of Close Companions, a non-sectarian, non-political, non-profit founded in 1973 as one of the pioneering organizations in marriage enrichment and education.

Greg, an award-winning, best-selling author, is co-founder and President of Directions, Inc., serving people as they lead their organizations, relationships, and lives.

"The Hunts' candid, sincere approach to sharing their own experiences invited us into a sacred space where we could explore our own experiences – and let us know we’re not alone." A&C

"What we learned ranged from simple reminders to profound insights that we could explore together for a lifetime. I hope we get another chance to learn from you - soon!”  R&D

"The Hunts lead by example - they share their wisdom, insights, and - most importantly - their relationship. We'll never miss an opportunity to learn from them." E&J

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